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What is a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour?

Matterport 3D tours offer prospective clients/customers or visitors the ability to take a tour without ever stepping a foot on the premises. Matterport uses a three-dimensional camera system to create realistic, fully immersive experiences. It allows the viewer to explore the location from a variety of vantage points, view the individual details of a property and get a feel for the space from the comfort of their home. The average listing with a 3D tour sold for up to 90% higher and closed up to 31% faster. (Over 90% of the listings with 3D tours used Matterport) Another study also showed that homes with a Matterport 3D digital twin sold 20% faster (fewer days on market) than properties that did not have a Matterport 3D virtual walkthrough. (Read More)

What does it look like?

A Matterport tour starts as a dollhouse view of the entire property and allows the viewer to enter the property and quickly move around from room to room. The best part is how user friendly they are, they can be played on a desktop computer, a mobile device or with a virtual-reality headset.

What can it be used for?

The 3D renderings it produces can benefit a wide range of industries. Most commonly, it is used in the real estate business to allow potential buyers a chance to view the property allowing for a broader audience and less wasted site visits. Although, any organization with a physical space could benefit from a Matterport scan. Other popular uses are for:

  • Travel and tourism industry

  • Event Venues

  • Educational Institutions

  • Large Organizations

  • Museum or Cultural Spaces

  • Architecture, engineering and construction

What makes it so good?

The superior technology provides High Quality 3D renderings that are realistic and make the viewer feel like they’re really in the location. The renderings are also very user friendly and interactive. You can view the space and get a 360-degree view from a first-person vantage. The camera system allows you to scan upto 10,000 square feet with precision. The results of the scan are dimensionally accurate within 1 percent and can produce spatially accurate schematic floor plans.

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