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5 tips for staging your home for photos and video

Show the best sides of a home and you will always leave a great first impression with buyers. Staging a home for a photo or video shoot can really help showcase the property in the best possible way. Let's face it, putting that little extra effort in staging can add up to $10,000 or more to the potential seller.

These 5 tips can really make a difference in showcasing the home.

Curb appeal is important

The outside of the property is typically the first and last thing a potential buyer experiences. Begin with a clean deck, give the yard a quick review, keep climate and seasons in mind for decorations, consider lighting for curb appeal at night and .

Get rid of clutter

Clean, clean and then clean some more, clean like you’ve never cleaned before. Nothing turns away a potential buyer more than a messy or smelly home. Make sure the property is spic and span and clutter free. Scents are important to think of, good and bad. Scents can really impact a buyers experience, try to keep them to a minimum and pleasant always.

Lighting is key

Lighting can play a big factor in how a house looks, especially in a photo or video. Make sure all lights are functioning and have bulbs in them. If the photo of video is going to take place at night make sure to schedule it close to dusk to really show off the exterior and interior lighting.

De-personalize the space

Be sure to take away as much personalization to the space; things like photos on the fridge, in the bathroom, etc. This will help the potential buyer set into their surroundings and envision their own life in the space.

Freshen up spaces

Add an extra spruce up to the home with some key plants, pillows, throws. Putting that little effort in upfront will add a lot of value in terms of the look of the photos. Get creative by using the same plants and pillows around the home.


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