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How to prepare for a 3D Matterport tour

Similar to an open house or showing of a listing, it’s important to ensure your property is in it’s best condition.  The same rules and preparation apply as if you were getting ready to show the property.  We've broken it down into 5 areas of focus to help you prepare and get the best Matterport scan.


Virtual tours allow potential buyers to explore the space in an immersive experience.  Much like staging for a viewing, it is important to un-personalize the property :

  • Hide personal items (ie. personal photos, items on fridge, etc.)

  • Remove pets and pet products

  • Remove child proof items

  • Hide towels, soap and personal cleaning items from bathrooms


Clean the property; including any rooms or areas that will be included in the scan.

  • If currently occupied, please advise residents/tenants to clean the property

  • Clean windows, mirrors and shiny appliances throughly

  • Don't forget to try up outside (entrance, backyard, patio)

  • Neatly organize walk-in closets and walk-in pantrys

  • The cables from computer, televisions, etc. should be hidden

  • Clean fireplace

  • Beds should be made; recommend staged with decorative bedding and pillows

  • Remove trash cans (inside and outside of site)

  • Special note - Inform the Matterport specialist, if there are any rooms that you want to be omitted form the scan. Doors to these rooms must be shut during the scan.


Turn off any moving items such as fans, or lights that move as they could cause blurry shots or errors in the tour.

TURN ON LIGHTING Make sure all lights work and are turned on. Also, please ensure the specialist has access to open/close blinds or curtains.


3D Matterport sessions take about 1 hour per 1000 square feet.  Please plan to be out of the specialists way during the tour.


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