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How we're helping take businesses online during the Coronavirus outbreak

During this unprecedented time, our customers are leveraging Matterport 3D digital twins to stay productive while reducing the risks of exposure.

Wether you're selling houses, products or experiences. Matterport digital twins allow you to bring your business online in an immersive and experiential way. Allowing patrons and customers to visit spaces without ever stepping foot onsite.

COVID 19 has changed the way we interact with the physical world. There is a fundamental shift in the way we are doing business . Businesses are clambering to find new ways continue to serve customers, and stay profitable during isolation and health restrictions.

Here are just a few examples of how are customers are making use of our Matterport digital twins to bring their spaces online.

Argyle Fine Art - Bringing Art Online

The Argyle Fine Art used one of our 3D virtual tours to help promote their local artisans. We created a digital twin of the recent show by Gordon Macdonlad that was held at their Barrington St. location in the summer. The 3D tour allows patrons to tour the space, view the art in detail and even interact with multimedia related to the exhibit.

Real Estate Agents - Selling Homes in Covid Times

Real estate agents have really embraced Matterport tours during this time. Our digital twins are enabling agents to offer remote, 24/7 open houses, expanding their target audience and reducing the amount of non serious buyers through the door.

Every potential buyers get to tour the property and get a sense of whether it is the right fit for them, without ever needing to be in the physical space. Agents can further enhance the experience by leaving important tags and information for the viewer within the tour. Also, agents can send viewers to a specific section of the tour to review important selling features.

Preserving the Memories - Time Capsules for Families

Covid 19 has impacted so many, in such unique ways. With the real estate industry being so busy this year, more and more family homes were being sold off to maximize their opportunity in this seller's market. We receive many inquires from customers looking to memorialize a space. Some just want that last chance to expierence walking down the halls of their childhood family home to see their childhood bedroom and due to restrictions they can't. Our digital twins are helping people experience those cherished memories in an innovative way.


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