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Low maintenance plants with big impact for home staging

An inexpensive way to style up a living space

Adding greenery to a space is an inexpensive way to add interest. There are a lot of plants that require little watering and maintenance. Trailing plants on a bookshelf or ledge can be eye-catching and distract from details that may not be so flattering. A plant in a corner of a room adds visual interest especially if the room feels empty. Choosing the right plant for the right space is key to success. Here are 5 low maintenance plants to consider when looking to style up a space.


This gorgeous plant family most known for the variety called Snake Plant is a low maintenance versatile plant. Snake plants look great as floor plants and can add life to corners and pockets of a home. It can thrive in low light or bright light conditions with minimal watering. Over-watering is usually the only reason this plant would decline.

ZZ Plant

Known for its perfect glossy green leaves, you could find yourself doing a double take to make sure it’s real. Like the sansevieria, this plant survives best with minimal watering and is not fussy with lighting conditions. ZZ’s work well as a medium size desktop plant or when grown bigger as a floor plant.


If you have a sunny spot but not a lot of time to spend taking care of a plant, a Jade plant is the perfect choice. It’s thick leaves and stem hold in it’s water reservoir and can go a while before it needs a water. You can tell when a jade needs water from the texture of its leaves. There is no need to water when the leaf is firm. Only when it’s tender and starting to wrinkle you should give it a good drink. You often find Jades grown on tabletop


A Dieffenbachia can bring great visual impact to a space. It can brighten up any corner of a room. It grows fast in bright light but will also do great in low light conditions. A dieffenbachia likes to dry out between waters. It’s usual kept as a floor plant or on a plant stand.


Eye catching philodendrons like a Monstera Deliciosa can fill up a corner of a room, others like Brazil Philodendrons can provide vibrant trailing foliage from a shelf or ledge. They like bright indirect light but will also do ok in lower light conditions. The philodendron typically like to dry out between watering and are more forgiving that way.


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